Test your level

It is good to be sure about your level when you buy products in this online shop.

There is a simple test that can help you. It is for only one minute. You will read 15 words. Just count how many of these words you know. The words are: dog, understand, watch, take, together, able, amazing, survive, belt, above, brave, wipe, polite, behave, wild.

Now, multiply the number of words which you knew by 200 and you will get a number. This number shows how many words you know in English.


If you know only 0-1000 words, buy product for Level 1.

If you know 1000-2000 words, buy product for Level 2.

If you know 2000-3000 words, buy product for Level 3.


Now you know your level. And what to do now? Click on the PRODUCTS in your level:

Products for LEVEL 1 Products for LEVEL 2 Products for LEVEL 3


Your level can be difficult for you at the beginning. If you use our products for two or three weeks, you can understand more.